6 Reasons Why to buy an Apple Homepod

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Apple’s Homepod was first released in 2018, after a year from the launch of Google smart speakers “Google Home”, and 3 years from the launch of Amazon’s “Echo”.

Amazon and Google smart speakers stormed through the market, with reports indicating that Echo speakers sales reached 100 million devices at the beginning of 2019. However, Google Home sales exceeded Amazon’s for the same period.

Apple Homepod smart speaker

In 2018, Homepod was ranked ninth in the smart speaker race. However, in the second quarter of the same year, Apple’s revenue of Homepod smart speakers reached 16%. The speaker gained 70% of premium smart speakers market revenues, with a price exceeding 200$.

Apple’s main goal for the HomePod is offering an upper end niche market device.

Although Apple HomePod is not for everyone, it’s one of the best options out there for many reasons.

Reasons to consider buying an Apple HomePod

1. Extraordinary Audio

Most of the smart speakers in the market don’t offer high-quality audio, as most users use it to control other smart devices hands-free.

That’s why you have to determine the reasons for buying the smart speaker in the first place. Most Echo, Home or HomePod speakers users buy them to listen to music.

On the other hand, HomePod is designed initially as a speaker, offering high-quality audio, making it a good investment for music fans. Apple focused on the device soundscape when announcing it in Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2017) rather than its smart features.

HomePod weighs 5.5 pound (about 3.3 KG), and comes with a simple design with mesh covering and touch controllers on top.

HomePod smart speaker

  • 7 tweeters: positioned around the device circumference; providing exquisite audio in every nook and cranny in the room. Those tweeters are really asset when it comes to high frequencies.
  • High-excursion sub: positioned in the middle of the speaker, giving a deep and thudding bass unlike most smart speakers in the market.
  • Although you get an immersive voice all over the room, sometimes you may feel a slight clutter in the mid-range or weak high notes.
  • Built-in Room-sensing tech: to optimize the soundscape to suit your space.
  • Ability to stream AirPlay audio from phone to HomePod speaker without pairing. however, you will need to connect to a WiFi network.

This means that if you are a music fan and your main priority is high quality audio, then this is the smart speaker you need in your home.

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2. Apple Music Users will enjoy it

Apple music has 50 million subscribers, who can enjoy every sound track on their HomePod. 

With the use of Siri, you can get the best of Apple Music on HomePod. With time, Siri will get used to your preferences and will start to suggest playlists based on your taste. Say “Hey Siri, play my station” to get a customized playlist created based on your Apple Music library contents.

You can easily switch the music you are listening to, by just telling Siri that you don’t like it.

Your preferences are copied from your Apple HomePod to your iPhone.

Apple Homepod

3. Easy Integration with Apple Ecosystem

To integrate the HomePod with the Apple ecosystem you only have to hold your iPhone close to the speaker and follow some simple steps on the screen, and it’s ready to go.

HomePod supports phone calls and text messages unlike Alexa.

Unfortunately, Apple HomePod can be synced to just one iPhone, making it easy for anyone in the household to read your text messages or send messages to your contacts. However, You can disable access to messages if you are not comfortable with the environment where the speaker is.

This drawback is present in all smart tech.

So, if you are an Apple fan and its devices, then this speaker will make your life easier.

4. “Hey Siri” command

Google assistant is the best virtual assistant if you want a powerful search butler, and Alexa is the best for smart home control. 

For Apple HomePod it is characterized by its mics, which can pick up your voice even when music is playing, unlike other smart speakers available in the market.

Unfortunately, the HomePod won’t get support for third-party apps. 

Although Apple’s voice command has limited functionality, Apple HomePod provides an impressive audio front unlike Echo and Google home. 

Apple HomePod gives you broad control over the streaming experience and issuing simple commands to HomeKit-enabled smart tech with voice commands.

Apple Homepod

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5. Privacy comes first

When it comes to home automation, privacy is the most important aspect.

  • Apple is famous for its fluid business model which gives you peace of mind that your data is safe, unlike Amazon and Google who monetize your data.
  • You can send or receive messages through a single iCloud account.
  • Messages won’t be read through Apple HomePod if your iPhone is not connected to WiFi.
  • Siri requests are encrypted before they get to Apple and they are not tied to your iCloud account.
  • Apple HomePod ensures that your personal information is not spied on by the manufacturer, unlike devices from Amazon and Google that are always-on putting your personal information at risk.

6. Basic smart home control

Most smart speakers users bought it mainly because of its ability to control other compatible connected devices.

As we already mentioned, this is not the function that Apple HomePod excels at.

However, you can control other smart devices through HomePod by voice commands or in-app. It doesn’t provide more complex functions like Alexa or Google Assistant, but you’ll get the job done.

In addition, you can control those devices while listening to your favorite music through Apple music.



If you are looking for a primary listening device, then Apple HomePod is your way to go, especially if you have invested in Apple’s ecosystem.

However, if you are more into smart functions or you are on a budget, then you can choose from a wide range of smart speakers available in the market like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Apple Homepod

Apple Homepod

Apple Homepod Smart Speaker

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