Best 10 HomeKit compatible devices

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A HomeKit is a smart way to control your automated home. You’ll find it on every iPad or iPhone to control smart plugs, locks, thermostats, cameras, and more. Apple has a decent ecosystem to start building your smart home and simplify your life. All Apple products work together seamlessly with a push of a button, or you can use Siri for voice commands.

Unfortunately, most Apple products come with a hefty price tag. If you are going to invest in the Apple ecosystem, you could pay a small fortune, making it important to know more about these products before you buy. 

So we collected some of the best Apple HomeKit products to make your life easier.

These are the Best Apple HomeKit products to smart automating your home.

Best devices for HomeKit

1. Apple HomePod Mini (Smart Speaker)

This dinky smart speaker comes with a price similar to Nest Audio and Amazon Echo at 99$ making it more affordable than other Apple speakers.

Apple Homepod

You can control the speaker through the built-in Siri, to run your house with voice commands or complete general commands. This smart speaker can be used as Apple TV output, and for the stereo sound, you could pair it with 2 HomePod Mini speakers. In addition, Apple HomePod Mini comes with Intercom and Handoff control features to make your life easier.

If you’re an Apple fan, you’ll absolutely like this mini smart speaker.

Apple HomePod Mini

Apple Homepod Mini

Apple Homepod Smart Mini Speaker

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2. Apple TV 4K (Best Hub)

Apple smart TV 4K can be compatible easily with your iPhone or iPad through HomeKit via the Home app. 

Although Apple doesn’t have a stand-alone HomeKit hub, you can use other Apple devices to control your devices when you are outside.

Such as Apple HomePod smart speaker, a third-gen-or-better Apple TV or a dedicated, always-on iPad, however, these 3 are expensive and the iPad route is cumbersome.

The best choice for a HomeKit hub would be an Apple TV 4K which comes for 179$.

The Apple TV 4K allows you to:

  • Watch online videos, as it’s considered an excellent streamer
  • The ability to monitor your compatible HomeKit camera and draw up video feed that you can watch on your TV

This is a reliable way to monitor and control your house, while you’re away working or travelling, for example, you want to be able to enter your home till the hub recognizes you by checking your ID.

3. Ecobee3 Lite (Best smart thermostat)

If you’re looking for a smart thermostat, this is the best smart thermostat that can be controlled via HomeKit and voice-controlled through the virtual assistant Siri.

The latest version is Ecobee 4, which excels from Ecobee 3 by having Amazon’s smart assistant “Alexa” on board. However, this new feature is not a big deal if you are connecting it to Apple HomeKit.


Getting an older version would be better, with all the cool features like Ecobee’s temperature sensors on board.

The Ecobee3 might have sold out, But Ecobee3 Lite is still available for around $150-$170.

Now it’s easy to control your house temperature, while you’re reading your book.

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4. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (Best smart lock)

This brilliant lock from Apple has a Doorsense sensor to open and lock the doors. In addition, it contains a built-in WiFi to control it while you are outside, unlike the other versions that needed an August Connect module for this function to work. This can be using an Android or iOS device, to lock/unlock doors remotely.

This lock is almost half the size of previous models, and it can be installed easily.


The loch responds to your voice commands through Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Records every bit of action happens at your door, and entering the house with codes for unlimited number of users.

This smart lock isn’t cheap at all. However, it’s the best if you are using HomeKit.

5. Eufy Indoor Cam 2K (Best Camera)

Eufy’s Indoor Cam 2K has the advantage of being able to work with HomeKit Secure Video, which is Apple’s new security camera feature. 

With other features onboard such as motion detection zones sensor and optional local storage, with an affordable price of around $50 competing for other low priced security cameras such as Wyze Cam Indoor and the Blink Mini.

However, the 2K video recording gives Eufy Indoor Cam an added advantage.

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6. Lutron Caseta In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch (Best smart light switch)

Smarten up all your light bulbs with Lutron Caseta In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch, especially where a single switch manages many bulbs. This option is great if you’re using Apples’ HomeKit.

Lutron has been supporting the smart home for decades, decades of hard work to produce several Dimmer Switch. 

These stylish smart switches support 3-way setups, and they have a wide range of switches. The support of Caseta platform helps in offering speciality switches for ceiling fans, Serena smart shades and Sonos smart speakers.

Everything is connected with Lutron bridge using one of the best standards out there which is Lutron’s proprietary “Clear Connect” wireless protocol, for speed and high-reliability standards.

You can get these smart light switches on Amazon for $92, with an extra pico remote to carry them around or use the adhesive wall mount if you prefer placing it in a hallway.

7. Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit (Best white-light smart bulbs)

When it comes to lighting you will find that Philips Hue is the best. They produce amazing smart bulbs that enhance your home with soft dimmable light at a yellowy 2,700 K. On the other hand, you can get color-changing bulbs, but it’s not as impressive as the white light strength.


Philips has the strongest platform that is Compatible With Amazons’ Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Assistant. 

You can get the Philips Hue starter kit for $67 on Amazon, which includes essential Hue Bridge — and the two-bulb Hue White starter kit.

8. Lifx Mini LED (Best color-changing smart bulb)

If you want to add color changing LED Lights bulbs to your HomeKit, Lifx Mini LED is your go-to. This emerging company has been a major player in smart lighting business for the past couple of years.

These bulbs work with every Ecosystem and pair with Apple HomeKit. They have brighter and better-looking colors than Philips Hue line, also they don’t need a hub as they work with Wi-Fi connection. 

Lifx produces several controllable and pre scheduled bulbs, tiles for walls, light strips and floodlights through the Lifx app at a very reasonable price.

On the other hand, Lifx Mini is inexpensive compared to the Hue bulb. Also, Lifx Z light strips can play multiple colors at the same time, unlike the comparable Hue bulb.

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9. Nanoleaf Canvas (Best showcase)

Redecorate your rooms with Nanoleaf’s color-changing LED wall panels. You can install the panels together into any desired shape and hang it in the kid’s room, living room or office to create a stylish and elegant scene.  

You’re opt to choose between either second-generation squares or triangles shape, however, the second-gen squares support touch sensitivity. Note: both designs come at the same price of 200$. 

Watch the scene react while you’re touching the squares and enjoy playing touch games with your hands. 

These panels connect to the router and HomeKit using Wi-Fi, without the need for a hub.

Run one of the hundreds of user-created animated presets, or use the built-in microphone to sync color changes to bring your favorite music to life or to reflect whatever you’re watching on your screen.

It is compatible with Siri voice controls, Alexa, Google and IFTTT.

You can get an optional Nanoleaf Remote for 50$, with motion-sensitive 12 sides that can be used to trigger Nanoleaf scenes or HomeKit automation by rotating different sides to the top. 

10. WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug (Best smart plug)

Equip your non-smart home with WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug, for just 20$. It’s compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and HomeKit.

It fits inside the frame of most wall outlets, and comes with a physical button and LED indicator light.

To connect your smart plug with your voice assistant, You’ll have to download the WeMo app which is not very user friendly. Also, the plug doesn’t have an energy monitoring feature.

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