Control your world with Apple HomeKit

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Apple Inc is developing its smart devices every day for their consumers’ satisfaction and desire. And with the need for a place to control those devices arose, Apple introduced Apple HomeKit, which can be found on any iOS device.

Apple HomeKit is a smart home system, easy and very simple to use. you’ll be able to control your smart devices remotely such as lighting, temperature and TVs. For Example, to open your door automatically through your iPhone just say “Siri, I’m home”, or you can set a series of commands to start whenever you say that magic word.

Here’s how you can Control your automated house using Apple HomeKit.

Apple HomeKit

HomeKit is a software system made by Apple, created for iOS/iPadOS software users to control their home hands-free. With a tap on your smartphone screen, you will control over internet-connected home devices starting from light bulbs and plugs to home appliances, you can even control those devices remotely.
Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with many devices like Google Assistant and Alexa, but the number of compatible devices is rapidly growing.

Apple HomeKit capability

HomeKit enables you to:

  • Turn on/off or dim smart light bulbs
  • Modify room temperature.
  • Control non-smart devices with smart plugs.
  • Monitor your home security system and watch your front door.

Is HomeKit enough to control smart home devices from anywhere?

HomeKit is an app that works with any smart home accessory to manage and organize them in every room. It can solely manage compatible smart devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, just by pressing them in the app. However, the system can be very beneficial through the Apple Home app while you are at home, but what about when outside? For that you will need a compatible hub, where you can use a third- or fourth-generation Apple TV that runs tvOS 9 or later, HomePod, iPad running iOS 10 or later or the more affordable option HomePod mini.

In addition, you can permit other people to control your devices, with a 4th-generation Apple TV with tvOS 10, a HomePod or an iPad running iOS 10 or later.

Setting up Apple HomeKit

First open the Home app on your iOS device, then choose the plus sign in the right corner to connect a device.

Apple HomeKit

Steps to use HomeKit on your Apple TV

To get homekit on your Apple TV:

  • go to Settings and select Accounts.
  • Sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID that’s in your iOS device. 

HomeKit connection

HomeKit devices can be connected to the hub with a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. The ones connected to Bluetooth need a range extender such as Elgato Eve Extend or the ConnectSense Bluetooth Extender if they are out of the hub range; as you’ll lose hub connection if the device is 30 feet away or more. 

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HomeKit compatible devices

Apple HomeKit can be compatible with many smart devices, here’s some:

 Apple HomeKit
  • Smart lighting devices such as Philips Hue, Sylvania, Eve, Nanoleaf and Lifx.
  • Smart plugs such as iHome and Lutron, the Hunter Apache Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan, Netgear’s Arlo baby monitor; Brilliant’s full-home controller and even a Wi-Fi smoke and carbon monoxide alarm from First Alert.
  • Ecobee and Honeywell thermostats to control your room temperature.
  • Smart security systems such as August Smart Locks, Elgato Eve Door & Window sensors, Schlage deadbolts, D-Link’s Omna security camera, Fibaro door, window, motion and flood sensors and Netatmo for facial-recognition security system.

Is Apple HomeKit free?

Smart devices could cost you a lot of money depending on which appliances you want in your ecosystem and how big your house is. Smart devices could include lights, temperature, locks, security cameras and other devices that could cost you a small fortune. In addition, you may want to invest in an Apple TV, HomePod or iPad to control those smart devices remotely.

To show you an example of the smart devices prices, here are the price of some basic tools::

  • The iHome iSP6X Control Smart Plug costs $27
  • The brilliant smart home controller costs $299 

With other devices in the market that could cost you a lot more. However, controlling those devices in home will be through the HomeKit free app.

Create scenes with HomeKit

You can create your own scenes with Apple HomeKit, which will give you the ability to automatically activate your smart devices in a certain time with certain circumstances

So in case you have a dinner party and you want to control multiple accessories, Homekit gives you the ability to play music on HomePod, adjust the thermostat, lighting and monitor your security system with just one single command.

Manage your smart devices through Siri

You can manage your devices with Siri without opening the home app, which means that with voice command you can lock your smart door, turn on/off lighting, motion sensors and more compatible devices. 

 Apple HomeKit

Control HomeKit with Apple Watch

You can automate some of your smart home devices with an Apple watch by setting those devices as favorites on your Apple Watch, or you can ask Siri to do certain actions. You can control your locks, thermostats, smart plugs and cameras. 

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Using Apple HomePod 

Homepod is a smart speaker that delivers massive sound; due to the large woofer, seven tweeters and a six-microphone array. However, the built-in virtual assistant Siri to help you make calls, send texts, search for information and to control your smart home device.

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At the end…

If you like luxury, relaxing environments and you are a proud owner of an Apple device, connect them to Apple Homekit for a more comfortable smart life. With Homekit you can spoil yourself with outdoor activities while you’re monitoring your home. Just tap on the app or command Siri to do whatever you want.  

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