Google vs. Amazon: 6 competitive differences

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With the smart home technologies booming in the market, the need for a smart assistant device is increasing. Many options are out there, making it hard for an inexperienced client to decide what to choose Google vs. Amazon. From the most popular assistants in the market are the Google Assistant and the Amazon assistant “Alexa”, which are available in Google Home and Echo respectively. 

We will help you decide which digital assistant and ecosystem you should have, and right for you is Google vs. Amazon and which version. These companies had designed devices to fit for any consumer. We only highlight the best of each device so you can see which one fits your needs and budget.

We will compare between the devices according to main aspects such as pricing, design, digital Assistants, smart Home Compatibility, music and ecosystem.

1. Google vs. Amazon Pricing 

Price range for Google vs. Amazon smart devices starts from less than 50$, to go with and budget.

  • With less than 50 $ you can get Echo Dot or Google Home Mini, it’s cheap and ultra-compact, in return for this, you will get all the smart features of the digital assistant.
  • Almost 100 $ you can get you the original Echo or the classic Google Home, the second is a little bit more expensive, however, it has the same features as the Echo. 
  • The highest price in Google Home Max, even more, expensive than the new launches from Amazon like Echo studio.
  • Echo Show 8 and Google Nest Hub come in equivalently priced.
  • The second-generation Echo device comes with a larger screen.

 If you want one with a specific budget, you have more options with the Amazon line. 

2. Google vs. Amazon Design

Amazon and Google had impressed consumers with their developed design.

  • The original Google Home smart speaker is large, comes in 5.5 inches tall and it’s width measures 3.8 inches, so it is huge. You can select between grey to copper, carbon, or pink
  • Google Home Mini is a fabric-covered puck, you will be able to put it anywhere unlike the original Google Home.
  • Google Home Max Dimensions are 13.2 x 7.4 x 6 inches and comes with a fabric-covered speaker.
  • Google Nest smart displays are sleeker and lighter than the Echo.
Google vs. Amazon

Amazon has improved Echo generation over time, as it:

  • Changed the Echo Dot to look like Google Home Mini.
  • The regular Echo and Echo Plus are elegant and smaller than other google devices.

You can’t judge which one is better according to the price or design, you should give attention to the digital assistant performance.

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3. Google vs. Amazon Digital Assistants

Let’s take a look at Alexa and Google assistant AI-fueled virtual assistants which both are almost alike.

you can choose between Google Home smart speaker or one of the rebranded Google Nest Hubs.

Google vs. Amazon
Google vs. Amazon
  • Google Assistant is multilingual and you can switch interpreter mode off. 
  • Say “Hey, Google” and your google assistant is on.
  • Ability to change Google Assistant voice between male and female voice.
  • Google Assistant is more active and robust in web-based searches. Say “Hey, Alexa” and your assistant in the Echo device awake.
  • Alexa usually is less powerful than Google’s search.
  • Alexa virtual helper is less conversational than Google Assistant.
  • Alexa is stronger than Google Assistant when it comes to shopping-related queries.

Arguably if you are a beginner Google Assistant is easier and less frustrating than Alexa.

4. Google vs. Amazon Smart Home Compatibility

Through Echo Device, Google Home smart speaker, or Google Nest Hub you ‘ll get complete control of your smart tech.

Google Home

Google Assistant is compatible with more than 30000 smart devices, in over than 200 brands. To start the assistant, you just have to say the magic word “hey, google”

Amazon Echo

Alexa can be paired with more than 100,000 smart home devices.

Once your device is paired with ‘ll be able to run it with Alexa.

Final conclusion with Google Assistant you can control so many devices, however, you have more options with Alexa.

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5. Google vs. Amazon Music

Customers usually buy Google Assistant and Alexa’s devices to control smart home devices hands-free. That’s why those devices don’t provide high-quality audio.

Google Home 

  • Google Home Mini has an unpowerful soundscape.
  • Google Home has A 2-inch driver and a pair of 2-inch passive for a higher volume level and sound quality.
  • Google Home Max has a powerful sound. Due to a pair of woofers with two custom tweeters for more powerful audio.

Amazon Echo

  • Echo Studio comes with 5 speakers for powerful bass.
  • Echo Plus has immersive audio. 
  • smaller Echo devices have less than powerful sound.

6. Google Home vs. Amazon Ecosystem

Here is the best ecosystem you can have in your smart home that will impress you.

Google vs. Amazon
Google vs. Amazon

Google Home

  • Google Home is fairly compact and comes in the price range of the original Echo. 
  • Google Home Mini gives the ability to control your smart home hands-free at a reasonable price. However, it doesn’t provide high-quality music…
  • Google Home Max has an exceptional soundscape that won’t let you down when it’s time to crank up the tunes. Yet it comes in a bigger and bulkier size than other devices.
  • Google Nest Hub is known as a digital art display, all Google Nest Hub versions are to rival Echo Show 8. With the same screen and comparable functionality, for more entertainment Chromecast is built-in.
  • Google Nest Hub Max suitable for video call, stream your favourite videos on a smart TV. It has an a10-inch screen like Echo Show, reasonably priced in line with Echo Show.

Amazon Echo

  • Amazon introduced the second generation of Echo, which comes with a slightly different design than the first model.
  • Echo Plus is boosted with Zigbee radio, you can avoid a third-party hub at the same time you can get powerful audio performance. highly recommended in the entire Echo range at a reasonable price.
  • Echo Dot this tiny disc that will control your smart home devices hands-free and stream audio in crisp vocals and balanced bass for immersive audio. Echo Dot kids’ edition comes in a super-fun design, and both have an ideal price.
  • Echo Spot The tiny elegant smart display with a 2.5-inch screen, gives a visual edge to Manage your day-to-day search with Alexa on board to help control your smart devices.
  • Echo Flex Makes your spaces a little smarter from the hallway, stairways, and corners. It comes with a USB port to add other accessories. Voice control allows you to turn on lights, motion sensors, lock doors, and more connected smart devices at a cheap and cheerful price. Start your days in a smart way.
  • Echo Show is the first 10-inch smart display that brings video to the entertainment mix. Offers complete control of compatible smart devices using Alexa.
  • Echo Show 5 is a dinky compact device, fits your bedroom or dressing room.
  • Echo Show 8 is Ideal for kitchen or living room. Echo Show 8 and Google Nest Hub size are identical.
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