How to build an Alexa Smart Home in 4 Steps

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Start your day in a smart way with an Alexa Smart Home, where appliances can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere through Wifi. This is the future

And now, you can build an Alexa smart home easily, as most of the devices nowadays are compatible with Amazon’s assistant “Alexa”.

How to build an Alexa Smart Home

If you’re looking forward to building your Alexa Smart Home, you can choose between one of the recent launches of Echo range.


  • The original Echo with Alexa smart assistant was introduced in 2016
  •  The new generation has improved with improved audio and a renovated design. 
  • As with all Echo devices, you have hands-free control of your Alexa Smart Home. 
  • Powerful audio
  • A great choice for entertainment, organization, voice calls, and playing audio hands-free. 
  • Great value for money.

Echo Plus

  • The key selling point for this speaker is the built-in Zigbee radio 
  • Offers voice control over compatible devices without the need for a third-party hub.
  • Pair it with Echo devices to get stereo sound
  • Delivers a richer and powerful soundscape. 
  • You can choose from 3 different designs.

Echo Dot

  • Echo Dot dimensions are 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.7 inches, which is a great size to fit on a dresser. 
  • Displays time
  • When it comes to music and audio, it’s not that great 
  • Echo Dot is also available in kids’ editions which comes in colors. 
  • You’re able to get one at a very reasonable price.

Echo Spot

Now you are able to control your connected Alexa Smart Home and play music through this 2.5 inch smart display, with Alexa is ready to serve you up.

Alexa Smart Home

Echo Studio

  • Contains 5 speakers for an exceptional soundscape, making it quite heavy, but you will be able to play your playlist with a powerful sound. 
  • As an added bonus, the Echo Studio self-optimizes the audio for the dimensions of your room.
  • Also, it comes with the Zigbee hub built-in

Echo Flex

  • Echo Flex is a plug-in smart speaker, which comes with a USB port and a space for optional accessories. 
  • Contain motion sensor and night light. 

Echo Show

  • Echo Show has a 10.1-inch screen
  • Offers a great audio experience with immersive sound. 
  • This display is good for entertainment, watching videos in the kitchen or make video calls
  • Control your smart devices using Alexa hands-free

Echo Show 5

  • Echo Show 5 has a 5.5-inch screen 
  • Comes with several privacy options, making it suitable for bedroom and kitchen.

Echo Show 8

  • Echo Show 8 has an 8-inch screen designed to rival Google Nest Hub screen. 
  • Available now with an affordable price

Setting up Alexa to control your Alexa Smart Home

Here’s the good news…It’s easy to pair Alexa with your smart devices. However you need to need to set up your smart devices.

  1. Set your device as shown in the manual, which plugs it then hook a third-party hub to the router.
  2. Download the app then search for the smart device and enter the password.
  3. Open the app and enter the function of the devices that will be paired with the Echo.
  4. If the device needs to be paired with Echo, ask Alexa to “Pair devices” and it will sync and locate the smart device you want to control hands-free

Ability to have different brands in the same ecosystem 

Today it’s easier to use different brands in your ecosystem than before, so you will be able to buy the device you need. Although, using the same brand in your ecosystem is going to make your life a lot easier as you will use the same hub and app.

However, the ability to use different brands in your ecosystem with Alexa gives you the freedom to choose whatever suits your needs.

Alexa Smart Home

Alexa skills for controlling your Alexa Smart Home

Alexa skills tells the smart assistant what to look for in a device and what it can do

You can activate the learning skill capability simply by saying “Alexa, allow the Nest Learning skill” or use the Alexa app on your smartphone to find skills.

To enjoy this feature, you will have to follow this steps:

  1. Open your Alexa app
  2. Select the hamburger icon
  3. Choose Skills.
  4. Enter the device brand name or category.
  5. press Enable when you find the skill.
  6. Log in your account details
  7. Ask your virtual assistant to scan for devices just by saying “Alexa, scan for devices” or “Alexa, search for devices”, and you are ready to connect to your smart devices hands-free.

Note: Using skills is easy, yet you may have to read the skill info in case you need to put a specific phrase to activate it. 

Grouping and Routines

To maximize the features of Alexa you are able to control many devices at the same time by creating a group. 

Here are the steps for creating a group:

  1. Enter your Alexa app
  2. Select the hamburger menu icon
  3. Select Alexa Smart Home and Add Group
  4. Pick the devices you need to be in the group
  5. Classify the group (bathroom, kitchen, hallway)

You might need the group to switch on/off devices and for more tasks to be done.

For routine work you can hook it up with specific words.

Steps for having a routine:

  1. Enter Alexa app
  2. Select the hamburger menu icon
  3. Select Routines then tap + for a new routine
  4. Name a phrase or a time for routine
  5. Pick your actions from the list.

 Benefits of smart devices

1. Control Your Smart Lock

August Smart Lock Pro works well with Alexa Smart Home. It comes with a DoorSense  sensor offering you peace of mind about your door lock.

2. Utilize Lighting from Philips Hue

Utilize Lighting from Philips Hue

The Philip Hue starter kit is the best Alexa-enabled option, where you get 4 white and color LEDs with Alexa-compatible hub. There are many starter kits in the market, choose the one that fits you.

3. Get a 50-Inch Smart TV with Alexa Alexa Smart Home

Enjoy Insignia’s 50-inch Fire TV series which Alexa is built in, with 4K UHD picture with 8 million pixels to create ultra vivid splashes of color. 

4. Adjust Thermostat with voice commands

Google Nest is the smartest thermostat, has self learning capabilities so it can adjust the temperatures to your likings.

5. Control old (non-smart)devices Hands-Free

By the help of a couple of  mini smart plugs, you can control the on/off of your non-smart devices hands free.

6. Enjoy Security System with Alexa Hands-Free

Arlo pro home security system, has a strong Compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa.

A Competitive edge: Wyze for smart home technology

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