Wyze cam v3: what’s new about it?

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Wyze camera v3 is the cheapest security camera for monitoring the house inside and outside, so if you want to monitor your home while you’re away you can buy the Wyze v3 cam for under $25. 

With Wyze cam v3 enjoy free cloud storage for 14 days without subscription for person detection. With the optional Cam Plus, one year subscription total cost will be $35, or you can get it with one month free subscription for 20$. In addition to the Cam Plus subscription, you get access to person alerts and longer video clips storage time, starting from 2$ /month.

The company improved Wyze cam ability through night vision, weatherproof, and wider field of view features. However, it doesn’t have free person alerts, you have to pay for this feature.

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Some of Wyze cam v3 features

  • 14-day video storage 
  • built-in microSD card slot for local storage
  • affordable price 
  • Easy to use and highly recommended 
  • a weather-resistant adapter for power
Wyze cam v3

The new Wyze cam kept the size and the plastic finish of the previous indoor-only Wyze Cam, yet it came with some new upgrades from the previous version and you can definitely see the improved performance for instance: 

  • 80-decibel siren speaker on the back of the camera
  • MicroSD card slot for local storage
  • A cover for setup button to be weather resistant and protect it
  • A removable stand to mount the camera, for a clear vision at high or low angles. You can also use a tripod or a screw-mounted installation.
  • The camera’s field has increased to view 130 degrees, beside it’s higher performance in dimmer light.
  • Use the two-way talk feature in the Wyze app just by tapping once on the “speak” button, talk through your device to the camera  

As long as the sound from the app to camera sounds good  

Testing Wyze Cam v3

The camera is easy to install and setting up the app won’t take much time. 

  • First install the app, open it and tap on the (+) sign on the top left corner of the home screen
  • select “Add device”
  • Choose “Wyze Cam v3” and follow the rest of the steps

Before installing Wyze camera, check on Wi-Fi signal quality in the area you want to install it in, to be placed in the right area.

After installing the camera and setting up the app you can monitor your smart home while you’re away from home and watch a live video feed in a brighter scene in dim-light conditions, and enjoy the motion and sound detection feature over the Wyze cam app.

In the app, choose whether you want to receive motion and sound alerts.

You can create the motion zone detection and adjust the night vision according to the lightening

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Wyze cam v3

More about Wyze cam v3

  • The camera works with voice commands and compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Improved performance than previous models
  • In low light and daylight, you will get brighter and crisper live feed
  • Wyze cam v3 sends motion alerts after 5-10 second and saves up to 12 seconds of recorded clips. However, with the Cam Plus subscription, you get longer clips.
  • Updated in-app two-way audio button, with clearer sound from app to camera.

In the end

Although the sound from the camera to the phone is not that good, you can easily understand what was being said on both ends.

The 80 decibels can alarm you and frighten intruders.

Putting all of the above with the being affordable and the 2 weeks free cloud storage, the Wyze Cam v3 is recommended.

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