Yay or Nay: Ring Video Doorbell review

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If you already tried video doorbells, then you already know how important they are. Putting your family safety first makes securing your home a priority. And that’s where Video Doorbells come into place. 

Video doorbells help in protecting your house and your important packages, from thieves and burglars, so you can rest assured that your house is safe while you’re away. And here a Ring Video Doorbell review.

Video doorbells are considered an important part of a smart secure ecosystem, to keep your valuables safe. It’s what secures the front end of your house from strangers and thieves. It can be used with indoor security cameras to secure the whole house, in case someone breaks into the house from the front door or a forgotten window. Many and many reasons are there to make you consider investing in one of those Video doorbells or indoor security cams, yet safety will always stay at the top.

If you are new to the whole smart security video doorbell thing, then this is the right place for you. Here, we will give you an idea about doorbells capabilities. Also, we are reviewing one of the most hyped video doorbells in recent years, the Ring video doorbell. We are answering the most common questions, to help you decide if it’s really worth the hype.

Q & A: Ring Video Doorbell review

Can Ring doorbells work wirelessly?

With wired and wireless Video doorbells on board, Ring offers it all. The company has a couple of editions available in the market, with the last one released in April 2021. All the editions, but the Ring Doorbell Elite, can be connected via a WiFi network. Only the Ring Doorbell Elite requires an Ethernet connection. 

In addition to receiving notifications when someone is on the door, you can install a WiFi doorbell chime to be alerted, or through an Alexa hub, if you already have one.

Can you hardwire any Ring doorbell to your existing Doorbell?

All the Ring Doorbells can run off rechargeable batteries or hooked up to your existing doorbell wiring, except for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Video Doorbell Elite as they must be hardwired.

Hardwiring your Ring video doorbell will help keep it charged at all times. However, the batteries Ring offers hold its charge for quite a while, so you can be relieved from charging it for up to 6 months, which depends on your preferred settings and other factors.

Ring Video Doorbell review
Ring Video Doorbell review

Is Ring Video Doorbell waterproof?

Unfortunately, the Ring Video Doorbells aren’t waterproof so you can’t get them submerged in water. However, they are weather resistant and can endure different elements.

Being weather-resistant means that the Ring Doorbells are protected from rain, wind, sun, snow and heat. The device will stay safe even during big storms and if you don’t have overhead protection. 

However, if you live in a place where the weather temperature can get to its extreme, you may want to be cautious. Extreme cold can cause the battery not to be able to hold its charge, and going beyond -5° will probably result in the battery shutting off.

Is Ring Doorbell installation easy?

Most Ring Doorbells are easy to install, you will just need to follow the simple instructions available on the “downloadable” App, and then connect the Ring Doorbell to your home WiFi network. 

The -easy to use- App has a step by step instruction video; to install the device using the tools provided with it and also how to connect it to WiFi. However, you may need a drill if you are installing the doorbell on brick, concrete or stucco wall. Yet, if you are installing the doorbell on wood or siding panels, you can easily screw the provided anchors directly into the surface.

For most models, you can use the video instructions or the printed manual provided to wire your video doorbell to the existing one, you will need to connect up to 2 wires. For digital door chimes to work, you will need to connect the diode to the terminal, that of course if you have one.  

Through the same app, you will get notified when someone is at your front door and you can view the video feed that shows everything they are trying to do.

Note: because the Ring Doorbell Elite needs an Ethernet cable to run along with a recessed installation, you may need a professional to install it. Still, you can install it yourself, if you know how to handle the cables and the connections.

Ring Video Doorbell review
Ring Video Doorbell review

Is the Ring Doorbell price justified? Is it worth the Hype?

The Ring Video Doorbells are true smart gadgets, that are worth every penny you invest in them. The many benefits you get from it justifies your payment, benefits  such as:

  • You can rest assured that your home is safe by knowing who exactly approaches your front door or front yard, according to your preferred settings.
  • The Ring Doorbell can alert you if your kids are trying to get out while you are away.
  • Criminals usually stay away from houses that have a security cam or video doorbells, so you will be safe from thieves searching for an easy catch.
  • The Ring Doorbell offers video feeds to insure your home safety
  • It connects with all other smart devices seamlessly through WiFi

All these reasons and more are what puts the Ring Video Doorbell at the top list of best video Doorbells in the market, and makes it worth the money.

At the end…

Over the past few years, Ring revolutionized the home security sector, offering smart gadgets that helped protect our loved ones, and putting you a step closer to the one at your doorstep -wherever you are- without being at risk. 

Owning smart security video cams become a necessity, and getting a Video Doorbell is the main gadget to help you secure your family and home.

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